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Safety and fire protection trainings

We offer a 1 hour FREE CONSULTATION about the Hungarian safety and fire protection regulations.
The Hungarian Labour Safety Act is very strict therefore only qualified people should be employed!
Our company’s dynamic and youthful image, as well as our flexible approach guarantee the performance of the health and safety tasks. Our colleagues are available non-stop.
There are no hidden costs therefore you can calculate your company’s health and safety costs easily.

We also offer a special GUARANTEE:

We offer a 100% guarantee against safety and fire protection fines, which means, that if your company has to pay a fine in connection with our activities, we repay it up to 20 000 000 HUF!

Contact details:
Zoltán Gaál
safety engineer, fire protection officer, architect


  • Safety and fire protection trainings

  • Risk assessment

  • Preparation of rules

  • Site visits

  • Investigation of work accidents

  • Health and safety on building sites

  • Equipment inspections



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